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For things to change, you have to change.

For things to get better, you have to get better

Jim Rohn

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Our courses

We strongly believe in the principle that everyone has the right to improve themselves.

That is why we also offer a wide range of training courses, whether or not in collaboration with our preferred partners


For Business

From individual to small groups to conferences,

We offer tailor-made training


Training Competency for Obtaining Code 95

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For Business

Running a business is not always easy and sometimes you miss that last piece to get the puzzle right.

We are happy to help boost your business to a higher level with our result-oriented training. From motivation to digital transformation and people management, to training topsellers and public speaking...

We provide solutions for every need and challenge and provide training by experts in their field

Getting Coffee
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You can come to us for all mandatory training related to obtaining professional competence (code 95).

We can also offer other driving courses such as car and motorcycle driving skills, increased driving skills (anti-skid course) and VIP- and executive transport in one package thanks to our preferred partners.

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Safety comes first at all times!

We provide training both at our preferred partners and on-site at the customer's premises. From standard safety and basic skills training to VCA training and BESACC training.

From learning how to work with an electric pallet truck to a 750-tonne crane, we can always provide you with training tailored to your needs.

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With our various programs we prepare personnel for the Hospitality sector.

With "Are you a hero?" we check the skills that are already there and from there candidates move on to "From zero to hero" and then "From hero to superhero. We prepare them for the real thing in high-class business and for high-class events.

Everything from basic etiquette, wine knowledge and product knowledge to assertiveness and self-confidence....


Only thit way can you give your guests the best experience

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Would you like to expand your wine knowledge?

Do you want to train your staff in your business?

Would you like a tailor-made tasting? 

Matching dishes for optimal pairing?

Everything is possible!

You ask and we tailor-make the tasting of your dreams

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